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Frequently Asked Questions

Real Fast, Real Easy. Once we submit your Property Profile, we immediately shop your property to a multitude of iBuyers and buyers in our network. After gathering all the offers on your home we put the offers and unique details together in a custom side-by-side net sheet to present to you, the whole process takes only between 2-3 business days.

Absolutely not. It doesn’t get any more straight forward than no. Easy Street Offers wants you to choose the path that is right for you, we’ll lay out all your options and you decide what’s next.

That’s one of the options we will lay out in detail for you, in addition to the other offers received on your property. Listing your property traditionally is a great option in certain circumstances, we just want to show you that option along with all of your other options.

Nope! Maybe tuck away your dirty laundry but we only take a handful of pictures to create your Property Profile to give our network of buyers an understanding of the basic layout and condition of the home. No cleaning or staging necessary!

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you or provide you with a custom net sheet due to your agent’s representation. However, your agent can fill out an online form to receive an offer back from some of our buyers.

Absolutely, many of our buyers will purchase with tenants in place. Easy Street Offers wants to respect your tenants privacy and keep you protected, let an Easy Street Representative assist with getting your property submitted.

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